Mobile Photo Capture Paints a Bigger Picture with Clustr

Flickr, the photo sharing and showing website, has a geo-tagging program that has been in motion for a little over two years.   With nearly 100 million photos, geo-tagging is now enhanced by an app called clustr, which takes data points, the photos, and assigns them a 6 level identity called a Where On Earth ID, (WOEID).  These were created to facilitate Flickr, and the project’s leader, Aaron Cope, is excited to see what other identities and descriptions can be utilized using the program in new directions.  Clustr takes these data points and displays shape files.  There are examples for continents, countries, states, and cities.

Casting the net with clustr, a variety of data constructs are assembled and tested while the data points collect globally.  Global Maritime Sensing would assign identities that associate with sea-based operations, adding a more rich and appropriate identity associated with meteorological devices, established intelligence networks in place, satellite shots, weather balloons, sea states, etc.  




The data correlations are also prime consideration for stochastic resonance analysis, looking for signal in the noise of the traffic.