What’s the Big Data Idea?

Bringing Big Data to the People (Part 1 of 6)

“Big Data” is being talked about more and more, but just what is Big Data? Big Data is new capability and new perspective, and it’s only just beginning to be implemented. Big Data is not just an IT thing; it’s not the Internet of Things or a passing catch phrase. Like www and the Information Age, it changes the way we do everything and it challenges long standing paradigms.

Let’s Begin

The beginning is the 3 Vs: Volume, Velocity and Variety, although recently, a fourth V has appeared as well – veracity. This diagram is a quick overview of the 3Vs, and the next posts will dive into each of the 3 Vs, the fourth V, and eventually, the Dark Side of Big Data.

The Three V’s of Big Data

The 3Vs of Big Data Source:Wipro
The 3Vs of Big Data

What’s the Big Data Idea Blog

The “What’s the Big Data Idea” blog is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of Big Data. Some posts are about the “what is” and some are about “what if”. Today most Big Data applications are used by big corporations in ways you have probably seen but didn’t appreciate. When you learn how Big Data works, you can see how it already plays in your life. You also learn how you can use Big Data in your own business of whatever size and in your own personal life.

The About pages are the basics on Big Data, so you can use them for reference. The blog itself expounds on these concepts and brings you reports on the technology and tools and players as Big Data develops.

Next Up – Phenom Volume