Big Data is not JUST for Data Scientists and Experts

In “bringing Big Data to the people” for this blog, I believe that Big Data is working its way into everyday life and that means working toward everyone utilizing it.  Big Data isn’t just for the cool people (IT geeks).

The future of Big Data belongs to everyone so take advantage of its benefits and realize its shortfalls.

In the Jan 14th 2015 post, Dataconomy reports on the the 8 trends in Big Data for 2015. Number Three is what I am explaining.

Self Service Big Data

As the analytics software becomes easier to use, and companies educate their employees on some basic techniques, 2015 will be the year of accessible Big Data. It will no longer be some mysterious activity spitting out conclusions of questionable origin. People will understand where the data has come from, they will understand how to manipulate it and what it means for their particular part of the business. If they have the right tools, anyone will be able to draw their own insights.

That doesn’t mean data scientists aren’t needed.  Quite the contrary, data scientists are a rare and most valuable professional.  Finding and keeping data scientists that understand an organization’s values and goals is fast becoming a survival asset.

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