Pen to paper – Quantified Self Visualized –

With several posts threading self-observation, it’s time for an example. With over 30 products and services and twice that in websites, walking through one good, forward looking, cool-looking example demonstrates what is possible at this point. is a quantified-self product that elegantly and effectively presents the capability of what is capable presently in just a few steps.

AGGREGATION starts with aggregating a variety of data streams. The list is a bit short but the product is only emerging from beta. feeds


Your account absorbs the input from these sources to create your data lake.

VISUALIZATION presents your data lake in three perspectives:

SPORT => Fitness and health measurements

EXPLORER => When & where data; geotracking

DIGITAL => Virtual travel. What your web data exhaust looks like dashboard

REPORT provides a weekly report on Sunday. Three theme options are available for starters. “Connecting more accounts will unlock more advanced themes.”

weekly report

Note**  “Some days have low steps” versus 71 hours on the computer.


Getting into begins with connecting with them on FB; then it’s 5 steps to get moving. Of course, this allows to access your internet presence, as well as personal data. It’s a bit unnerving. I signed up but since I’m on the wait list, I’m holding out my TMI. I also need to add a sports tracking device.  After the Apple watch reviews hardly shine, I’m back-researching which health/fitness tracking products to use.

Start up Steps

For a more in-depth review of, check out Mark Krynsky’s lifestream blog.

BIG PICTURE has created an elegant product to capture a variety of quantified-self streams and provide an exciting, interactive display of that information. This and several other services like it are only just beginning to capture the Big Data picture.  Like the amazing visualizations developed by, these are still in the “wow, cool!” stage.

Each is a single data point that will meta-aggregate to create Big Data quantified self in new definition – as community, country, region, and global lens.

More noise to pull the signal.