Thinking Small – IBM’s “Star qualities of successful mobile development projects”

Stating the Obvious

This info graphic comes from the IBM Center for Applied Insights.  It makes me wonder who got paid how much to develop this.  Just about anyone off the street could have guessed the numbers and categories and been relatively (and effectively) close.  As for Applied Insight, add just about any business case or personal situation, and the info graphic still applies.  Just a couple of suggestions …

Star qualities of successful kindergarten projects
Star qualities of successful relationships
Star qualities of successful one night stands

600 developers couldn’t be wrong

Actually 600 could be wrong.  “Learn what nearly 600 developers have to say about the secret to mobile development project success.”  Wow! IBM, really went out on a limb to collect data on this one.  I would think Big Blue could’ve scrounged up at least 1,000.  Actually, I imagine Google wouldn’t put out any results that had less than six zeros to pull from.


Source: [Infographic] Star qualities of successful mobile development projects

NOW for something completely different AND ACTUALLY USEFUL INFORMATION

Pulled from a search of “successful mobile application projects” images, this doesn’t tell the same story but it actually tells something worth reading!  10,000 app developers is a much better number.  Thank you Developer Economics!!