Wants and Needs – The Heart of the Matter Still Matters

This post again is not so much about Big Data as about remembering the basics.

There’s an excellent lesson in this most excellent inspiration of serving the homeless.  The first order effect was solving an immediate need – creating a coat that becomes a sleeping bag.  The innovation is creative, relatively easy to implement and provides an immediate solution for a need.

The second order effect though was further derived from the homeless again.  To teach to fish instead of give a fish, they (the homeless) wanted the jobs to make those coats.

Always learn from the customer, those you serve.

She created a coat that turns into a sleeping bag for homeless people, but when she was told that they needed jobs more than coats, she stepped up to that challenge too. (via The Empowerment Plan)

Posted by Upworthy on Tuesday, December 22, 2015