Forbes Report on Top 10 Hot Big Data Technologies

Forbes Report on Top 10 Hot Big Data Technologies
March 28, 2016 No Comments Reporting Colette Grail

I love a good graphic

and I couldn’t stop with just pinterest to talk about this Forrester Research graphic from a Forbes article by Gil Press on the Top 10 Hot Big Data Technologies.  I love the “play”, “fast forward” and “pause” icon – fantastic imagery for data points.  The swanky ecosystem radii are a sexy touch for economic business cycle, and the elegant traces of significant, moderate or minimal success definitely exude confident, well-understood tracts.  A Y-Axis of “Business value-add, adjusted for uncertainty” must certainly come from Trump campaign credo.

But what calculation went into those humps is uncertain.  Why is no one riding the minimal success roller coaster?  MPP data ware house sits atop the precipice of certain destruction down into decline morass, so good for them to be at pause.  I’d want to slow down that phase too.  Predictive analytics is the next lemming and it is at all stop.  Continuing to climb upward seems to be a dangerous direction.  The next eight technologies on the fast track appear to be running away from the cliff of significant success or certain death depending on how the graph is read.

I’m curious about the machine learning libraries that safely rests on the moderate success track although is one of only two in  hyper fast forward.  The article basically describes ten of the technologies on the graphic.  I’ll have to look elsewhere to satisfy my curiosity.




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