The Hard Is What Makes It Great

The Hard Is What Makes It Great
May 13, 2016 Comments Off on The Hard Is What Makes It Great About pages,Ideas Colette Grail

What’s the Big Data Idea is Bringing Big Data to the People.

In the past couple of months, I’ve been working on where I should go with this blog.I’ve come up with these thought and these inspirations and I’m looking for those to connect.

I’m passionate about Big Data.

I believe Big Data will change everyone’s lives whether you like it or not.  It’s not just about how your cell phone let’s you know about traffic or that Target knows your daughter is pregnant before you do.  The immensity of the impact cannot be overstated.

I’m passionate about solving Big Problems with Big Data.

9/11 taught us many things about the world and how small it is.  That was a pre-Big Data world, too.  Unlike Apple computers and bleeding edge technology that only applied to the affluent, Big Data touches everyone – even illiterate natives in remote regions. Big Data can solve – perhaps for now assuage – Big Problems such as hunger, disease, piracy, terrorism, human trafficking, wildlife preservation.

I’m not a smart man…

But I know what Big Data is.  I know enough to combine it with my creativity and experience to make great visions of Big Data taking on Big Problems.

I’m not a baseball fan,

But I saw this clip recently and it reminded me about perserverance.

For those that quit.

For those that know they shouldn’t quit.

For those that believe in making a difference.

“The hard is what makes it great.”


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