Author: Colette Grail

Author: Colette Grail

5 Things you need to know about Big Data for 2017
Image January 2, 2017 Uncategorized Colette Grail

Big Data made a Big Difference in the biggest story of the year – the US Presidential election. Although President Elect Trump had pooh-poohed the impact of Big Data, he rallied a last minute expert team in the just the summer prior that just may have made the difference. Using digital targeting, the strategy collected

Ho! Ho! Ho! Big Data Santa says whether you’re Naughty or Nice :)
Image December 11, 2016 Ideas Colette Grail

If you’re the parent of a five year old anticipating the holidays, most likely they have recited their wish list ad nauseum. Theirs is the top of perhaps a very long list. How much or how well you fulfill the growing datum of well wishes is partly a matter of preference and a great deal

Big Data, Bird Flocks and Figuring Out World Hunger
Image September 18, 2016 Big Data Facets Colette Grail

Do you notice the flocks of birds that pass overhead? I love watching the graceful flow of the flying inhabitants of the beach: pelicans, sandpipers, seagulls, cranes. Some are ‘regulars’ – seen day after day. Some come and go. Last week I watched an array of over 20 stork-like creatures I’ve not seen before fly

Why Can’t it be (Christmas) Tax Season All Year Round?
Image June 27, 2016 Ideas Colette Grail

With the joys and boys of summer fresh upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere), it spoils the fun to bring up taxes. Summer is time off from school and most of society either joins in or gets the heck out of the way. So why bring up taxes? There are better things to do! Unlike Christmas,

Why Haven’t We Cured Cancer?
Image June 13, 2016 Big Data Facets,Ideas Colette Grail

Why We Haven’t Cured Cancer My mother died of breast cancer in 1989. She was 44. Ironically, she was considered a “survivor” because she lived for five years after diagnosis.   She was a teacher and during those five years, she never missed a day of school. She saved the summers in between for chemo, two

It’s YOUR Fault!! Big Data Takes the Blame
Image April 4, 2016 Big Data Facets Colette Grail

It’s your fault. No it’s the other person’s fault. It’s the guy who cut you off in traffic. It’s “customer service.” It’s the government. It’s the weather. It’s global warming. It’s the way things go.   A tree falls in the forest. A roof falls in. A business fails. A stock market crashes. A disease

Who is Betting $25 Million on the IoT? Who will be left behind?
Image February 22, 2016 Ideas Colette Grail

Marc Andreessen is betting $25million on the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming a big thing. His famous ability to forecast the evolution of emerging technology weaves a picture of sensors embedded in walls and doors and doorknobs. It makes today’s humble offerings – the likes of remote operation of your house security and appliances or

Predicting the Future … Past and Present (?)
Image February 19, 2016 Visualization Colette Grail

Ahhhh … to see into the future. Makes me wish I’d bought Google at $10, if it even started that low. I would’ve bet a bigger spread on the Broncos. I would wait to buy insurance at the precise moment before I need it. Big Data fuels predictive analytics in ways that are changing how we

How to Change a Business Process from Two Years to Five Minutes
Image February 15, 2016 Reporting Colette Grail

Joel Selanikio explains how he uses the cloud and Big Data to solve world health issues in this 2014 Ted Talk.

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