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Category: Freebies

O’Reilly Media’s Friday Freebie – 3D Printing Primer
Image June 30, 2017 Freebies Colette Grail

Get your free copy by clicking HERE. Demystify the field of 3D printing, by outlining the strengths and liabilities of the different types of processes that are currently available. Whether you know them as “rapid prototyping,” “additive manufacturing,” or some other buzzword, the processes, technologies, and tools of 3D printing are developing at such a

O’Reilly Free ebook: Practical Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud
Image April 21, 2017 Freebies Colette Grail

“It’s inevitable that AI will move into the cloud. The sizes of the applications and datasets required for genuine AI processes are simply too large for any single device or system. That’s why Google, IBM, and Amazon are all rolling out sophisticated cloud-based AI and machine-learning services—AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS). With AIaaS, you can build applications that

Freebie Friday – This Week’s Big Data Free Stuff found on the Internet
December 19, 2014 Freebies Colette Grail

Freebie Friday – BIRT reporting and Data Visualization software from Actuate.

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