My Big Data Idea Projects

My Big Data Idea Projects

Big Data Medical Record

This info graphic quickly visualizes Big Data capability for establishing better management of personal health information.

Big Data Body Sizing

This three part info graphic and essay outlines the problems and capabilities for Big Data to update approaching our health and our waistlines.

Big Data DOMAIN Awareness

Global Maritime Sensing (GMS) was developed before Big Data capability.  Big Data Domain Awareness updates GMS into civil, military, and political situational awareness.  The tipping point between crowd and riot can be predicted.  Disaster preparedness can be pre-posturing.  Borders become obsolete.

Turn Veterans Disability Benefits into VA Reach

Possibly one of the more tragic examples of federal government disfunction, establishing benefits for the relatively small population of veterans doesn’t have to be the painful probe and wait scenario.  Big Data VA Reach will serve those that served their country.

Big Data Business Travel

Forget your wallet. Let me show you how business travel should be done…

Small Business Step UP

Big business has been the big consumer of Big Data capability.  Small business is the backbone of capitalism.  Let’s put some muscle (and BD capability) into it.

“You are Here” Personnel Evaluations

Replacing (painful) periodic reports with continuous assessment.

Eliminating the Navy Physical Fitness Assessment

You’d be surprised what passes for fitness.

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