Tag: healthcare

Tag: healthcare

How to Change a Business Process from Two Years to Five Minutes
Image February 15, 2016 Reporting Colette Grail

Joel Selanikio explains how he uses the cloud and Big Data to solve world health issues in this 2014 Ted Talk.

What’s Wrong? Or going to be? Big Data Predicting Health Issues
December 17, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

Reblog of Rick Delgato’s DataFloq post Predicting and Preventing Health Issues with Big Data.

Do you have cancer? Check … while you’re waiting for the bus
Image April 3, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

Nokia Sensing X Prize Grand Prize Winner DNA Medicine Institute has developed blood testing for hundreds of markers from a single pin prick.

What’s on (or under) Your skin? Bio-sensing wearables
Image April 2, 2015 Big Data Facets,Reporting Colette Grail

Biosensor wearables are already available in several styles. Biosensor wearables will continue to become more robust, adding to a Big Data health capability.

CNN includes Big Data as What to look forward to in 2015
January 4, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

CNN reports Big Data in the Internet of Things (IoT) as what to expect in 2015.

Healthcare’s Big Data Opportunity
Image December 22, 2014 Examples Colette Grail

Reblog from tech crunch on healthcare improvements via Big Data.

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