Tag: trends

Tag: trends

5 Things you need to know about Big Data for 2017
Image January 2, 2017 Uncategorized Colette Grail

Big Data made a Big Difference in the biggest story of the year – the US Presidential election. Although President Elect Trump had pooh-poohed the impact of Big Data, he rallied a last minute expert team in the just the summer prior that just may have made the difference. Using digital targeting, the strategy collected

Why Doesn’t He Call? Trends in mobile devices
Image October 26, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

Reblog of Simon Khalaf, SVP Publishing Products on Yahoo Developer Network.

Big Data is not JUST for Data Scientists and Experts
Image February 3, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

Bring Big Data to the People. Big Data isn’t just for IT geeks; everyone can understand it and use it.

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