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Tag: volume

The Elephant(s) In the Room – Just How Many Are There?
Image November 6, 2015 Big Data Facets Colette Grail

Counting Elephants – Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 One … two … three … four hundred … five hundred thousand …. How many elephants can you count before it’s too many (or too much)? Counting is one of the first skills learned as a child.  Before addition and subtraction, the numerical

What’s on (or under) Your skin? Bio-sensing wearables
Image April 2, 2015 Big Data Facets,Reporting Colette Grail

Biosensor wearables are already available in several styles. Biosensor wearables will continue to become more robust, adding to a Big Data health capability.

ONLINE DATING: A Lesson in Big Data Volume
Image March 12, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

Online dating is a great example of the Volume principle of Big Data. Sharif Corinaldi hacked online dating to find a new girlfriend.

Big Data Vs Infographic
Image January 7, 2015 Reporting Colette Grail

Excellent infographic on the Vs of Big Data

The 3Vs of Big Data – Volume, Velocity, and Variety
November 24, 2014 About pages Colette Grail

Bringing Big Data to the People (Part 2 of 6) Big Data is originally defined by the 3Vs – volume, velocity, and variety, although a fourth V – veracity – has entered the mix of late.  Big Data is more than just information collection on a pedestrian level.  Although you get there’s more data around

What’s the Big Data Idea?
November 20, 2014 About pages Colette Grail

Part 1 0f 6 explaining the basics of Big Data.

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