Wearables: Wet T-shirt Contest

Continuing the wearables theme, these are garments for measuring (again) heart rate, respiration, and  … perspiration. There’s even EEG sensors in a beanie hat that can monitor brain activity.

 Still a Secret

I found this Victoria’s Secret bra ($75) in another blog post; however, the link led to a page no longer available link on the VS site.  I’m not sure what “connect up to regular heart rate monitors” capability is.

It does make it easy to see how utilitarian and ubiquitous a heart rate monitor might become.

VS Heart Monitor

For BPM tracking straight from your bra is this Victoria’s Secret Incredible range. Electrodes on the inside of the bra connect up to regular heart rate monitors to provide the tracking and the Body-Wick fabric keeps you cool and dry during running, boxing and high-impact workouts.

Shirt, No Shoes

OM has a shirt and monitor combination. The shirt ($110-130) senses, which comes in long or short sleeve or no sleeve. The data module ($100) collects and sends the information wirelessly. It also comes with a biometric fitness test to analyze your current ability.


Gym Clothes

Athos has developed workout clothes – a compression fit long sleeve top and shorts – to monitor muscle activity. This is a step up from the standard suite of heart rate and respiration. The outfit starts at $198 plus the reusable core at $199 – not a cheap outfit. For an old school, hard core PT person like myself who prides themselves on wearing whatever’s left over in the closet (barefoot runner) that’s a bit hard to justify. But since now I’m nursing a medical condition, I’m interested in the capability.

This is the marketing video.

This is the Wall Street Journal reporting that actually shows better what the capability is.

Monitoring, Detection & Prevention

Another OM video –  a bit dramatic but it does envision the capability of wearables beyond the workout.  The data stream isn’t just about being a better PT animal; it can provide a variety of diagnostic and preventive capability.

Stress feedback monitor are actually used by troops in Afghanistan to handle stress.

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