Wearables Data Analytics: How Now Brown Cow

Wearables aren’t just about physical fitness, or even humans.  Just about any National Geographic special or elementary school science flick might have included some sort of tracking device that used the data to better understand animal behavior.

Tracking Sea Turtles


The fitbit and Apple Watch are upgrading the capabilities of human wearable technology, and so animal tracking has evolved as well.

It Starts with a Question:  “How now brown cow?”

More academically, “when do cows go into heat (estrus)?”  The window for when cows are ready to breed is actually quite small.  This is an excellent simple example of what data analytics can do for industries as old school as dairy farming.

The information provided by cow steps not only improved the artificial insemination opportunity, it gave insight to choosing sex outcome.  The data also created patterns for detecting 8-10 diseases.  One question opened insight into other aspects.

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