Hold Onto Your Seatbelts

So . . . I am into #data AND #visualdisplayofinformation, which has led to a deep interest in #signage. (see other posts).  I found this gem on the flight from Eindhoven, NL, to Naples, IT.  

First, kudos to #ryanair for taking the critical safety information card out of the seat pocket and right in front of your nose (eye level) on the back on your tray table that has to stay up from taxi to take off and again on descent and landing.  I can’t think of a better placement for Public Safety.  

The message is tempered a bit by the onboard food advertisement, but I can get over that because I give another kudos for the all-graphics depiction.  The Ikea-esque simplicity is better than the Babel of English. BUT . . . let’s take a closer look at the characters.




INFANT FLOTATION DEVICES – oh wow! Bad news for the kiddos.  I’ve gone over it 10X and it’s just a hot mess.  Take the flotation device with you by all means but there’s no figuring that out in an emergency.  We’d all be standing in the aisles going “I think that strap goes there and then you loop and then . . . I got nothing.”  Hold your kid tightly because you’re going to be rigging this vest in the water.

EMERGENCY LANDING – Brace for landing and crawl to exit frames are really good, easy to understand pictures.  Prohibited items though: glasses? Really? I don’t think so. People who need to wear glasses need to wear them to exit a plane in an emergency.  I think the other item in that circle is dentures too. Why would you take them out – even in an emergency?


EXIT A DOORS – Hmmmm.  Not sure what is happening in frame 2 with the right arrow going upward.  As for jumping out of a plane with your arms crossed on your thighs, that ain’t happening.  I dare you to do that on a stationary slide without falling over. As someone who has actually done the escape an airplane by jumping on the chute (FAA training with the Navy), your arms go everywhere and anywhere to keep upright.

Thanks to Ryanair for the innovation.  Keep working it. You are improving our safety.

“If people touching you under water bothers you, i suggest you stay out of the pool.”  Josh Pray on playing water polo