Tony Stark vs Robert Downey Jr

Is this #tonystark or #robertdowneyjr ?

Week 2 of #mondaywisdom on #artificialintelligence . This is the future of #ai – or is it?  

Watch but don’t be fooled by the very slick production but if the point is to demonstrate the power of AI then we should be scared shtless.  In the future, we won’t need friends or babies because we can basic make better relationships than actual humans.

The irony and the POINT is in the comments on #youtube though. You’ll find a more insightful and colorful and funny discussion of the clip: NOTHING about the pros and cons or magic or whatever of AI but whether the actor has become his role of #ironman or vice versa. Poignant: Tony Stark has been recreated in a gray area between literary character and real person in order to capture attention and at the same time establish credibility . . . through a fictional character.

Meanwhile the actor/character is reporting on how artificial intelligence can virtually recreate better people than the ones we have to deal with in real life.

Choose your friends wisely 😉