What did we do before #alexa ?


Leave it to #Amazon to remind us with a whimsical and historical perspective. In days of yore – or pre-1990s – asking for something to be done involved asking a person to do it. The news was always there, but the channel was limited to singular, often isolated sources (but still subject to heavy interpretation). Jokes and songs were live performances. A message to a lover hazarded the peril of birds of prey and not cell coverage or battery life. 

But . . . these things still happened. #artificialintelligence didn’t create new content so much as enable pace, reliability, reproduction, and perhaps consistency. I imagine most think this is goodness and I agree. The tax is the freedom and burden of space to “do”more. This is the essence of the #goodness of #ai .

The downside of #ai ? That’s another post . . . and another #superbowlcommercial 🙂

Have a great #mondaywisdom