The Dark Side of AI



I would have lead with #youhadmeathello but that’s too benign a lead in for the #darkside of #artificialintelligence . Yes, you’ve heard #AI is not all good and the commercial tearjerker #googleAI shows us why by consoling a widower. Emotions are the most dangerous drug.  Addiction becomes an inability to resist the high whether it is good or bad for the host.

Kudos to #Google marketing though for getting me to hold my breath from the first second to finish of the vignette. I thought perhaps they were solutioning #alzheimers and I still think they left that innuendo lingering on the table with the photographs.

But that’s the issue. 

Using human emotion so intensely is a very slippery slope. We’d do anything to assuage the pain and keep his memories fresh and tender – but perhaps at what cost? Linger in the good feelings too much and you fail to live the life in front of you. #AI needs humans to teach it. Follow that trail long enough and perhaps you’d see how possibly Loretta was actually only the #aibot of his dreams. Reality was never that pleasant and painless. 

AI let’s you live a life that never was.