A Solution for increased Maritime Domain Awareness – Global Maritime Sensing

Global Maritime Sensing (GMS) is a digital data capture of maritime traffic via use of location technology and citizen science.  Locative, or location, technology utilizes the plethora of geo-spacial tools available in combination with mobile platforms such as smart phones.  With smart phones now having the capability not only of time and location, but also speed, acceleration and direction, a new “participatory sensing” has evolved.

The participatory sensing is likened to “citizen science.”  Citizen science recruits any and all participants, regardless of expertise, to record observations toward a project. GMS employs all mariners to be “citizen scientists”  and to take photos for geo-tagging.  Geo-tagging is taking photos and uploading them the web for placement on a map.  The GMS map accumulates these data points and then evaluates tthe trends and overlays the maps with intelligence.