Global Maritime Sensing Evolves into Big Data

Many great inspirations take years to develop in concepts and more time yet again to become  physical manifestation.  The Global Maritime Sensing concept has been met with positive if not raving reviews by US and international navy partners.  The implementation has still been challenged  as in even the best of financial times, there are but limited resources.  These are definitely austere times and thus more creativity is required.

Regardless of budgetary limitations, GMS has always focused on the extraction of value and from the meaning world around us as individuals and not as institutions.  As time continues to take us by leaps in bounds through emerging technologic miracles, the promise, the capability, of Big Data is now the foundation for GMS implementation.

Big Data is most definitely a paradigm shift, and one in which those that don’t get it will be left behind with failures.  Those that do see its potential are still grappling with its power, much as we all do with the digital world.  Although it would be good to give a couple posts relating the general fit of GMS and Big Data, I’m  instead going to jump into my upcoming attendance at the Big Data Tech Conference in Boston, 30 MAR – 2 APR.  As I go to the tutorials and classes on broad Big Data implementation and specific Big Data tools, I will use the GMS lens as subject for the infinite opportunities of Big Data and the action plan for successful deployment of GMS.