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China’s Government Will Embed Police In Its Largest Tech Firms
Image August 5, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

Many a behemoth corporation has been hacked for personal information. Recently OPM was struck not once but twice. The number one suspect is China. What is China’s take on internet privacy?

Data Scientist or Data Analyst: What Do You Know?
July 9, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

I’ve done deliberate and contingency planning in the military using “things you know, things you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know”. I’ve not seen it to describe data science versus analytics, but this is an excellent parable that explains the dark and the light and the grey in between.

Personal Health In The Digital Age
Image July 5, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

$300 BILLION price tag for non-adherence to prescription drugs? I’m not sure what that means. Who pays the price? Is it the consumer for a drug they didn’t take? Or the government or insurance?

China now has more stock traders than Communist Party members
July 1, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

China is a Big Data market that I haven’t explored yet.  This blog post reminds me there are so many more facets and possibilities in a really Big Data world. China now has more stock traders than Communist Party members.

HIRE ME! In praise of “light quants” and “analytical translators”
June 30, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

Great article on the seam of quantitative analysis and decision making. HIRE ME FOR YOUR ANALYTICAL TRANSLATION!!  (NO really, I’d be great.) In praise of “light quants” and “analytical translators”. In praise of “light quants” and “analytical translators” Short Takes…on Analytics A blog by Tom Davenport, independent senior advisor to Deloitte Analytics It would be

New Process Can Print Stretchy Electronics Onto Your Clothes
Image June 26, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

An update on wearable technology.  Sensors that adhere to the skin and transmit their intelligence are not so far away … Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a single-step process to print conductive material on cloth, allowing manufacturers to build stretchable wearables that can test vital signs like heart rate and muscle contraction.

The Data Lake: Half Empty or Half Full?
Image May 2, 2015 Reporting,Uncategorized Colette Grail

Repost of a great article by Darren Cunningham vice president of marketing at SnapLogic.

What the heck is the Internet thinking?
Image April 27, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

Anna Vital of Funders and Founders created an interactive info graphic of top media stories.

How The Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Plus Might Flip Your Mobile Computing Habits
Image March 24, 2015 Uncategorized Colette Grail

The iWatch continues to make headlines as its launch date bumps downstream as well. Here’s more thoughts on what MIGHT happen when it actually arrives.

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