Love, life and work – 3 ordinary examples of the extraordinary capability of Big Data

“How to save a life?” The Fray makes an excellent song from an age old question. Big Data and Cloudera’s Doug Cutting answer with 3 scenarios that impact how we live now: love, life and work.

LOVE. Historically, love has been dependent on locality, like high school sweethearts, office romance, or the rarest possibility of the blind date set up. Online dating changed all that and Big Data love is the drug that makes the digital connection around the world possible.

LIFE. The medical industry is one of the largest producers of information – previously all that data was dumped. Even the simplest efforts to recover and utilize literally vital data has tremendous effect.

WORK. Big Data isn’t all high tech. Maybe it’s not as sexy as love and saving lives, but Big Data can improve work production from information we already collect, but previously couldn’t use.