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Contact Me Creating informative and decisional content that demands to be shared, hire me to narrate the value of products and services that improve lives. With over a decade of written and visual information production, I have worked in virtually every medium: - Blog posts - Articles - Whitepapers - Case studies - Infographics - Leadership briefs - Survey reports - Slideshare presentations - Website design & copy - Training courses


Health & Medical Records

Utilizing Big Data to create better health decisions for individuals, communities and the world. Read More

Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearables

The IoT is going to change the world and wearables are just one facet that makes it possible Read More

Big Problems

Big Data has already been deployed to save lives in disaster response & recovery. Explore the many ways Big Data solves Big Problems. Read More

Big Data Basics

Not sure what Big Data is all about? Here is a good place to start. Read More

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