“Any idiot can write a book.” 

My friend @michaelsagnermd wasn’t very complimentary but he was right. I think it fits better as “Any idiot can start a book.” Everyone has a book inside them; everyone has a great story others would enjoy hearing.  98% of people who start a book don’t finish. I know it too because I was almost one of them.

I finished my #firstdraft two weeks ago. It’s ugly; no lie, but it is coming together.  I had one editor that worked with me through the first draft. I have another editor doing a cold read now, and I’ll have yet another to get to the finish line.  I’d never make it without the #georgetown @bookcreator program. It’s quite the process.

But that’s not even half of it.

Next week I embark into a #marketing #bootcamp for #writers. So now I’m on to the next phase “Any idiot can market a book, but not everyone can actually #sell them.” 

Have a great weekend!

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