Are you there God? It’s me Margaret’s AI Bot

This post is the first in a series on #artificialintelligence – which you should know is a controversial subject. Even if you think you know what Artificial Intelligence means, it’s a good chance you’re not sure and even then you may be off the mark. The spectrum of #AI application is both widely utilized and narrowly applied. Specifically and precisely . . . AI covers a lot of #data ground.

Instead of starting with the WHAT of AI, we’ll start with WHY – as in, why do you care?

AI can and can’t do a lot of things but pretty much all its current and future potential does touch you. Yes, it suggests what you might want on #netflix and #amazon . AI produces #google answers to searches. AI makes #lyft and #uber possible. AI conveniently reduces spam in your inbox and allows you to deposit checks from your living room. Further down the road, AI is enabling #selfdrivingcars – which potentially can reduce traffic. Cool. But those cars have had fatalities and AI has a darker side. AI has been accused of influencing political elections (#trump) and enabling #autonomousweapons. These are things you should know because unless you’re an ostrich, AI is in your life and it’s watching you.

I’ll let the folks at #MIT explain . . .